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A masterpiece proving once and for all the inherent superiority of Brogres

Brogre is the term used to describe an avid fan of the Shrek franchise. Although the word can describe any sort of fan, it is most commonly used as a classification for the members of ShrekChan.

Notable Brogres

Even though the majority of Brogres prefer to stay anonymous (due to ShrekChan's image board nature), there are still several notable examples of such people:

  • Shrek ## Admin ## - The creator of ShrekChan. He is the true pig bvtcherer.
  • Piqutchi - The creator of the ShrekChan wiki.
  • Richard Dawkins - A tripfriend who frequently posts images of the scientist/activist of the same name while creating and replying to ShrekChan threads
  • iOnion - A notable tripfag and a Shooting Star, known for his major involvement in the Anti-Brogre saga. After a long hiatus, he has finally returned.
  • Eu!2Sfr0UuRNM - One of the oldest trips and frequent poster and inventor of the :^), clasicc and 8). His first tripcode was #whyareyoureadingthis. He is considered an awesome gay opposer by many of ShrekChan's users because he keeps spamming pics of anti-gay signs.
  • Drek is Drek - A Shooting Star and a well known tripfag. Wrote the ShrekChan Town story.
  • MrShroom - A frequent tripfag poster on ShrekChan, and one of the most notable tripfags at that.
  • Little Red - One of the few female users of Shrekchan, she is BFFs with Admin and they share lewd pics.
  • Cyrus - Hangs around in /chat/, collecting chatlogs. Rumour has it that he works for the FBI.
  • Chillo - Frequents ShrekChan's /420/, posting his dank rhymes. He still hasn't migrated to /social/ yet.
  • Shrek Hussein - Also known as Devin, or simply Hussein. Your friendly neighbourhood pig bvtcherer. He visits 8chan's /420/ frequently.
  • SnoopDoggyDogg - Best buddies with Hussein. Left ShrekChan for 8chan's /420/, but came slithering back to ShrekChan like the snake he is.
  • Football Ogre - Known as the brogre that drew up the ShrekChan poster and other OC. He hails from Australia and has a massive boner for Street Fighter III.
  • Dinkahnon - A brogre who is portrayed as a Donkey with magical powers.
  • SpookyGhost - A brogre who rarely shitposts or slits his wrists. As a result, he posts rarely.
  • Shrekletariat - Sworn enemy of Hussein, he's your friendly neighbourhood antifa. He made the original roleplay thread. He has left ShrekChan for now.
  • TheThirdEye - Depicted as a skeleton with a triangle-shaped third eye socket and a cape, he is a communist not unlike Shrekle. He decided to leave ShrekChan at around the same time that Shrekle did.
  • Apollogre - A namefag depicted as an ogre in a spacesuit.
  • Ogrejoyed - A very happy brogre, from the looks of it.
  • Terminogre - Known for his involvement in MrShroom's RP thread. He is anti-/420/ to the core.
  • Fag101 - Known for shitposting and not doing much for the community. Also known as Humpty Dragon.
  • Rapeman - A frequent shitposter, much like Fag101.

The following brogres have migrated to 8chan's /420/:

  • Pope Nigger Ogre The Black - A famous trip know for his ghettoish attitude. Also known as the Mascara Snake.
  • Ultraman - Formerly known as DankSwampKush. Founded /ultra/, which was replaced by Mascara Snake's /420/.
  • Shrekman420 - A tripfag who smokes the dank and is gay for Satsuki from Kill la Kill.
  • Teh Niggest - A tripfag who fancies himself as a comedian.
  • Little King John - Adopted iOnion's name when iOnion left the swamp. Notable for his endeavours to stop brogres from roleplaying. He is the latest member of 8chan's /420/, but he still posts rarely.

The following brogres have not been heard from for a long time:

  • Shreklover69 - The original pope of ShrekChan and a Shooting Star. Nobody knows if he's alive from his spar with one of Farquaad's assassins, or if he'll ever return.
  • Thom Yorke - A notable tripfag who used to post on ShrekChan. He has been gone for a long time. His legacy is continued in the form of one of ShrekChan's banners.
  • Postulus the Eternal - A Shooting Star and a moderately well known tripfag. He is well-known for his involvement in the Anti-Brogre saga; for example, he posted "The Message". He contributed to this wiki and used to regularly post on ShrekChan at the time of Anti-Brogres. He hasn't been heard from since.
  • Russian American Brogre - A brogre who was responsible for the failed Brony Raid of 2013. He has not been heard from for around a year.
  • Shrekler Prime - A brogre who has seemingly vanished.
  • Master Onion - A fan of PaRappa the Rappa. Nobody has heard from him for a few months.
  • RamenKing - A tripfag known for his sexual endeavours. Probably lurks or visits occasionally.