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A masterpiece proving once and for all the inherent superiority of Brogres

Brogre is the term used to describe an avid fan of the Shrek franchise. Although the word can describe any sort of fan, it is most commonly used as a classification for the members of ShrekChan.

Notable Brogres[edit]

Even though the majority of Brogres prefer to stay anonymous (due to ShrekChan's image board nature), there are still several notable examples of such people: The l33t haxor brogre

  • Pope Nigger Ogre The Black - famous trip know for his ghettoish attitude.
  • Shrek ## Admin ## - The creator of the glorious ShrekChan
  • Richard Dawkins!!D3AmSvLmL0 - A tripfriend who frequently posts images of the scientist/activist of the same name while creating and replying to ShrekChan threads
  • Eu!2Sfr0UuRNM -One of the oldest trips and frequent poster and inventor of the :^),clasicc and 8). His first tripcode was #whyareyoureadingthis , considered an awesome gay opposer by many of shrekchan's users because he keeps spamming pics of anti gay sighnes
  • Mrshroom - A frequent tripfag poster on Shrekchan.
  • Piqutchi - The inventor of this righteous wiki
  • Little Red - One of the few female users of Shrekchan, is BFFs with Admin and they share lewd pics
  • drekisdrek - A shooting star and a well known tripfag. Wrote the Shrekchan island story.
  • Postulus the Eternal - A shooting star and a moderately well known tripfag. Posted "The Message". contributes to this wiki, and posts on ShrekChan now and again with shrektexts and Shrek poetry (shroetry).