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A masterpiece proving once and for all the inherent superiority of Brogres

Brogre is the term used to describe an avid fan of the Shrek franchise. Although the word can describe any sort of fan, it is most commonly used as a classification for the members of ShrekChan.


Although the Shrek fanbase has existed since the release of the first movie in 2001 (and to a smaller extent the release of the original book years earlier), the Brogre movement did not officially start until late 2012. This was when ShrekChan was first established on the Internet. Shrek fans flocked to this novel new website, eventually coming together under one group: the Brogres. Since then, the Brogre movement has grown tremendously, attracting (for better or worse) the attention of websites like Tumblr, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Reddit, and Facebook. and also brogres are epic people and need a shreking before becoming a brogre. A shreking is another word for blessing of shrek.


Brogres share a love of doing whatever they can to please their idol, Shrek. Some of these are as follows:

Notable Brogres[edit]

Even though the majority of Brogres prefer to stay anonymous (due to ShrekChan's image board nature), there are still several notable examples of such people:

  • Shrek ## Admin ## - The creator of the glorious ShrekChan
  • Richard Dawkins!!D3AmSvLmL0 - A tripfriend who frequently posts images of the scientist/activist of the same name while creating and replying to ShrekChan threads
  • Eu!2Sfr0UuRNM -One of the oldest trips and frequent poster and inventor of the :^),clasicc and 8). His first tripcode was #whyareyoureadingthis , considered a faggot by many of shrekchan's users because he keeps spamming pics of Le Handsome Boy.
  • Godzilla Emperor of /shr/ and lover of Haka-shrek - the name is self explanatory. He used to be one of the legendary and controversial oldquad of ShrekChan.Was in many fights against both Eu and Thom.
  • Prophetofshrek - Head of the philosophy, theology, and doctoral works among shrekchan.
  • ThomYorke!ffoLt7.igI - One of ShrekChan's earliest trips who rose to fame in a now legendary battle with Godzilla over who was the superior trip. Posts intermittently. Hasn't been heard of since a good amount of time.
  • Pope Nigger Ogre The Black - Famous trip on /shr/ for his ghetto-ish attitude.
  • Chillo☺♦ - Posts dank shrek lyrics on /420/
  • Drek is Drek - One of the most frequent posters on Shrekchan.
  • shrekman420!MsGJ3B91.o" - Frequent poster and smoker of the swamp kush. Sometimes uses multiple names on his tripcode.
  • Mrshroom - A frequent poster on Shrekchan, known for his swamp shroom addiction.
  • Russian American Brogre - A brogre who is apparently american/russian, he is partly responsible for some /mlp/ attacks.
  • iOnion - Decoder of the message, posts frequently alongside other brogres. Artist of many OC ogre reaction faces. DEAD
  • SnoopZilla A crazee rap nigga known with the nickname 'Snoop-A-Loop'. He enjoys posting on /530/ and SMOKES WEED EVERYDAY. He has his signature nigga lingo that he types in. Eg; 'Shizzle' 'Fizzle' 'Mo rizzle'.
  • Football Ogre - A semi-frequently posting brogre. He is somewhat known for his shoops involving our humble Ogrelord.
  • Skeleton Admin - Used to be known as "pls admin", he is a fellow brogres who frequently posts on Shrekchan.