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ShrekChan, circa February 1, 2013

ShrekChan is the Internet's first Shrek-themed imageboard. Founded in late 2012 by Shrek ## ADMIN ##, ShrekChan has evolved into a central meeting point for Brogres around the world. The rules of ShrekChan are very loose, even for an imageboard. This has indubitably been one of the partial factors in ShrekChan's rapid rise in popularity. About once a month, ShrekChan goes down for a while. This is of course the worst time of each month.

Then and Now[edit]

Shrekchan was created many millennia ago by unknown life forms about which to this day people are still divided. It's creation remains a mystery still unknown to those who dare[YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU I DARE TO GO DEEPER] dig deeper.

BUT there's more to it: [illuminati citation needed]

I am talking about the beginning back then in 29 October '12, when someone who wouldn't like to share his name but otherwise share his address, made this chan. Around June, /mu/ (4chan's music board) had found this chan and started talking about it. After the /mu/ thread got over 100 replies, they moved it to /x/ (/x/ being the paranormal board of 4chan). More on that later. See, back then, Shrekchan wasn't just the ordinary chan you know nowadays. It was more like a mask of something obscure and dark. The old Shrekchan had a lot of hidden pages. People thought that these pages were only a quarter of all the pages. As people were looking for hidden pages, someone found a clock countdown that ended on the day the Olympics started, just before the days the Olympics started, there were a lot of fakers, but also some who could give you the creeps. During the night, someone made a thread saying that he found this on YouTube. The thread was ignored.

Back then, Shrekchan had a livestream in which they would stream all the Shrek movies. There was something really weird about those streams. The movie would occasionally get interrupted by Satanic rituals and chants (heard in the background), sometimes something REALLY strange (like a horse thingy screencap, straight outta stream). Everything continued this way until the Olympics were over. When the Olympics got finished, Shrekchan went down for 2 or 3 days and when it got turned on most of the hidden pages got deleted. The livestream is dead, nobody comes on it anymore, and if you talk about anything NOT Shrek related, you get banned and your post gets deleted.

Tie-in with the Illuminati[edit]

After a guy on /mu/ posted a link to shrekchan, it was spammed very hard and all the original posts went 404. Later they revelaed that shrekchan had alot of secret pages that referenced things like illuminati, ancient egyptian texts and other really spooky stuff. Pages with audio, pdf documents with books from 1700s and videos were found on several hidden pages around on

This is also when ShrekChan reached its peak of popularity and went somewhat "viral".

Original post that revealed the secret illuminati stuff

Subsequent /mu/ thread discussing and uncovering more illuminati stuff

/mu/ asks /x/ for help

Video 1

Video 2


The only rules of ShrekChan are as follows:

  • "Have fun"
  • "Be safe"
  • "This is a safe-for-work imageboard. Any adult content will be removed."

It is also implied that one should not post dreck content, though there isn't a formal rule for this.


There are multiple boards on ShrekChan. Some are accessible by everybody, while others are secret.


  • /shr/ - The signature board of ShrekChan; it is for general discussion of the Shrek franchise, although general discussion of all types tends to happen in here as well.
  • /hack/ - 1337 h4x0rz lurk this board; you can't get them, though, for they have Norton Antivirus!
  • /social/ - A board for roleplaying, Original content, and tripfags to cause drama and shitpost. It is Shrekchans version of 4chans /b/.
  • /site/ - The board for providing the people who run ShrekChan with suggestions; in other words, the Site Suggestions board
  • /chat/ - A text board for brogres to talk about stuff.
  • /cooking/ - A board to discuss cooking and health for all fellow orges.


  • /420/ - ShrekSmoke is a board made just for drug users (especially those that smoke da swamp grass).
  • /oink/ - A board for pork lovers, where you kill pigs for father. oinkingandpiggy
  • /lounge/ - Everyone wants to get in, and only Shrek ## Admin ## and Bono (rip) know how to do so.

EDIT: As of 8/19/13, it is now seemingly impossible to get into /lounge/ thanks to 'Jim the Gatekeeper' EDIT: The old lounge in its original state can be visited by the archives.

  • /tv/ - Shrekchans stream page, originally used for streaming the shrek movies. This page is infamous for being sketchy, such as playing strange clips, disturbing pictures, and other events. Due to copy right issues the website can no longer stream Shrek and eventually the front page link was removed.


  • /int/ - Assumedly similar to 4chan's /int/ board, the board was removed late january 2013.
  • /mu/ - Was never a real board, but had a countdown timer for something 4chan's /mu/ board beleived to be an illuminati conspiracy. This was removed later when 4chan freaked out. It was later brought back up as a music board, and then killed along with /v/.
  • /x/ a board that linked you to a wonderful collection of images of pollandball
  • /v/ - A board about the discussion of Shrek games and other vidya. /v/, along with /mu/, are now no longer boards and both take you to a spoopy page that reads "welcome to the afterlife!"
  • /shart/ - A board for OC and a page where everyone can share their art
  • /rp/ - A board that was for roleplaying, oc, and drama. /Social/ now takes its place.

Secret page(s)[edit]

Most of these are dead links, but you can see most of the hidden pages (but not all!) on